Cost of Service

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Cost of Service

Southern Highlands Community Transport is funded to provide services. This funding does not cover all expenses such as fuel, repairs to vehicles or replacement of vehicles.  We therefore request you pay a fee for service.  This fee is subsidised.

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For clients eligible for the subsidised fee:

  • Our local fares start from $12.
  • The cost of a long distance trip (a trip that leaves the Wingecarribee Shire) depends upon the exact distance. A typical fare for a client travelling from Mittagong to Sydney is approximately $75.
  • The fee includes the cost of the return trip if the return trip occurs on the same day.
  • This fee is based on the distance travelled.  Please check with our staff when making the booking for the exact cost of the trip.
  • If you are having difficulty paying the fee it is important to let us know, as we may be able to make arrangements to assist.

Non-subsidised fee

We are not funded to transport all clients. For example, some people may be part of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

If a client is not eligible for the subsidised fee the trip is calculated at $2.47 per km.

Private Van & Bus Hire Charges

Please contact our office on (02) 4872-3722 so we can provide a costing for your hire.

How to pay for your transport

Our preferred method of payment is by VISA, Mastercard or the Regional Seniors Travel Card. You can pay for your transport with one of these cards at the time of booking or on the day.

Alternatively, you can pay cash or cheque to your driver on the day of travel.

We do not usually issue accounts unless specifically requested and approved.