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Medical Appointments

Southern Highlands Community Transport provides transport both local and out of the area to medical centres, doctors, specialists, dentists hospitals, visits to nursing homes etc.

Services Provided by Southern Highlands Community Transport

Please ensure we receive sufficient notice (minimum 3 days for local and long distance appointments) to organise bookings.

For appointments out of the area make your appointment between 10am to 2pm.  For local trips – between 8am to 4.30pm.

Sometimes you may have to share a vehicle with another person to your appointment.  If your appointment is for day surgery or procedures out of the area then you need to ensure that your appointment or procedure is completed by 5pm.

If your appointment or procedure is delayed then you will need to make other arrangements to return home as our driver will return home at 5pm.

We normally ask you how long you think the appointment may take and when you will be ready for the return pick up.

If you are unsure then we allocate an hour and ask you to contact us from the appointment if you are going to be ready earlier or later.  All our drivers have mobile phones in the vehicles.

No staff or volunteers will provide medication to service users.

For more information about our service please phone: (02) 4872-3722

There is an answering machine if you wish to leave a message on weekends or in the evening after office hours.